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Ode to the Pan Pacific Park Jogging Girl

I’ve written a poem about an encounter I had with a lovely lady tonight while jogging at Pan Pacific Park.  It’s also been posted on Craigslist Missed Connections.  If you’re out there, anonymous Pan Pacific Park Jogging Girl, hit me up.

Pan Pacific Park Jogging Girl

Out of shape, so on a lark
Went for a run at Pan Pacific Park
While trying to avoid splints in my shin
Noticed a beauty with olive skin

Passed a weird guy conducting symphonies
We smiled and exchanged pleasantries
I sported a t-shirt that was plain and gray
But yours was loud with designs for days

Was it first sight interest?
Or just being nice?
Was it quickly dismissed?
Did you even think twice?

The hill got steep
My legs got sore
Please don’t think I’m a creep
Cause you don’t look like a whore

Our paths crossed three times and not once more
Though I was really hoping for number four
Had to stop when I got a cramp
I’ll hold out hope that you’re not a tramp

If I saw you one more time
I’d ask you out for a glass of wine
You’re my Pan Pacific Park jogging girl
Come find me and let’s give it a whirl