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A Guy, a Doll, and a T-Mobile Store

While in line for a new SIM card at the T-Mobile store on Beverly Blvd. last Saturday, I saw something I will never un-see.  A gentleman clutching a mannequin with matching clothes and hair was entrenched in conversation with a sales rep, most likely signing up for the family plan.  I did my duty as a citizen journalist and documented the experience by discreetly photographing them until the salesperson waited on me.  The resulting photos are below.

While I exchanged obligatory quips with a salesperson about the situation,  the doll and her human suitor waited around quietly, then posed for a picture with one of the employees before leaving as two happy T-Mobile customers.


Message in a Bathroom

I was traveling through rural Mississippi over the weekend (is there a part of Mississippi that isn’t rural?) and stopped at a gas station for a for a fuel fill up and a piss drop off and came across the above note written on the bathroom stall’s door.  Intrigued, I snapped a photo to document the occasion.

After paying for my cup of joe, which involved dealing with two of the saddest and most miserable looking people I’ve ever seen working at a gas station (and that’s saying a lot), and taking a free cd recording of a local Baptist minister’s sermon, we got back on the road.

I dialed the number written on the stall door, intending to ask for BigNasty, but I got a recording saying the number was disconnected.  The other, crossed out numbers got the same result.  There were brief thoughts of posting a missed connection on Craig’s List in hopes that BigNasty might find me and give me the head job of my life, I decided against it.  Actually speaking with BigNasty would’ve provided a better ending to the story, but sometimes the thrill of life is in the journey and not the destination.

My Famous Senior Pictures

One of my high school senior pictures was posted on a list of Ridiculous Senior Photos on the Holy Taco Blog.  While mine s one of the tamest of the bunch, it’s an honor to be nominated with a great group of horrendous pictures.

Since the picture to the right was such a hit with the internet community at large, I’ve posted more senior photos for your enjoyment.

These photos were taken in the Fall of 2000 by New England Photography in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania.  They’re nice people and do good work, even if some of the poses and scenery are a bit over the top.

Tennis racquet and class ring bling? No girl could resist my advances.

So cool I was on the right and wrong side of the tracks at the same time.

Hello. I'd like to talk to you for a moment about life insurance.

I don't want to wait for our lives to be over. I want to know right now, what will it be?

Oscar? I hardly KNOW her!

It’s the week leading up to the Academy Awards.  The entire world focuses on the Kodak Theater in Hollywood as the stars walk the red carpet, accept awards, and pat themselves on the backs.  Two blocks away from the hooplah sits my apartment building, which was originally a hotel in the 1920’s.

They blocked off a section of Hollywood Blvd. to prepare for the event.  Since I was off today, I decided to be a tourist for 45 minutes and take some photos of the preparation.  You can see the photos (and the captions below them) by continuing to read, my friendly friend.

A nice photo of my fast-growing hair before I showered this morning.

James Cameron was actually at the top of that billboard, but he hid when he saw me taking the picture.

A view of the preparations from across Highland Ave.

An interesting tarp.

Nice view of the red carpet, though the security guard on the left was thinking “who’s this douche taking a picture?” when he saw me.

They made us walk inside the shopping center to avoid the middle of the setup.  Interesting shot of the giant Oscar wrapped in plastic, too.

I snuck a photo of an Oscar funeral.  As you can see, the other Oscars are very upset about this untimely death.

Some journalist with his crew. 

The bleachers and red carpet from an outsider’s perspective.

Me with my good friend, Jimmy Kimmel.  I swear that’s really him.  It just looks like a sandwich board because of the angle.

A closer shot at the red carpet and bleachers.

Nothing to do with the Oscars.  Just noticed she had a little muffin top pouring out of her pants and snapped a descrete photo of it.

The other side of the tarp.  Thought it looked cool.

Interesting shot of the tent.

This is a cool shot.

Me posing sexily in front of this tent.

A shot of Power House, the bar where you can often find me schooling people at darts in an attempt to woo middle-aged women.


So that was my afternoon.  Enjoy the stellar photography  I shot some video too, but it’s not very good.  The photos are better quality.

If you’d like to see the hi-res versions of these images, you can download the zipped folder at