About Ryan

Ryan Muldowney at the 2008 PRISM Awards in Los Angeles, CA.

Ryan Patrick Muldowney (August 25, 1983 – present) is a television producer, writer, and podcast host. His television career began with the late-night talk show “Gettin’ Later,” where he won two Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Communication from alma mater Slippery Rock University. M

Muldowney gained a cult following on the internet and in the Pittsburgh region, where the show aired. While hosting “Gettin’ Later,” Muldowney also acted as MC for local events. Muldowney currently lives in Hollywood, CA and works as a television producer.


Muldowney was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1983. After graduating from Thomas Jefferson High School in 2001, Muldowney accepted undergraduate work at Slippery Rock University, eventually attaining a Bachelor’s in Journalism.

Muldowney‘s passion for television was ignited by the discovery of the broadcast facilities at Slippery Rock, which by and large sat unused. Muldowney partnered with fellow SRU students to use the equipment for a local television show; that effort led to “Gettin’ Later,” an award-winning late-night show. While Muldowney began as writer and sidekick, his role in the show grew to encompass the host duties, sketch writing, and editing.

Television career

Muldowney’s career gained momentum after “Gettin’ Later’s” six seasons on the air.  While working on “Gettin’ Later” in 2003, Muldowney began a correspondence with television producer Mikey Glazer (Fear Factor), eventually leading to a position in the casting department of Telemundo’s “Vas o No Vas” in Hollywood.  Over the run of the show, Glazer became a mentor for Muldowney.

Since moving to Los Angeles for a career in television, Muldowney has produced television documentaries ( “Blvd. of Broken Dreams,” “E! True Hollywood Story,”), reality docudramas (“Texas Women,” “Hardcore Pawn:  Chicago”) comedies (“Sports Soup,” “Sinbad:  It’s Just Family”)  the MTV reality show “Road Rules,” and worked in the animation department of FOX’s “American Dad.”

Muldowney’s career exists on both sides of the camera; in May 2007, Muldowney appeared on “The Tyra Banks Show” in an episode titled “Dating Outside Your Comfort Zone,” where he escorted an avowed lesbian on her first date with a man. In October 2008, Muldowney was a contestant on “Trivial Pursuit: America Plays.” He beat out two other contestants and made it to the final round before losing on the last question.


In 2010, Muldowney began broadcasting a weekly podcast, aptly titled “MuldoCast.”  The show features Muldowney and a guest in a part interview, part free flowing conversation.  It has been met with generally positive reviews.


Muldowney has interviewed a number of people in his duties as television host and commentator, including:

  • Bob Walk
  • Legendary Pittsburgh sportscaster Stan Savran
  • PBS documentary producer Rick Sebak
  • Dan Setzler of “Road Rules”
  • Guy Junker
  • Lanny Frattare, voice of the Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Columnist Gene Collier of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette
  • Rob Owen, TV critic for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette
  • Daisy Fuentes
  • Dennis Haskins, “Saved by the Bell’s” Mr. Belding

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