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Great Achievements in Sports

They say co-ed slow pitch softball is humankind’s greatest game.  I never truly understood that until recently, when I hit two home runs in three at-bats. Luckily for you, a friend immortalized my first dinger for all the world to enjoy.

This was best sporting performance since I won MVP for pitching a six inning, three hit shutout in an All-Star tournament when I was 11. The trophy from that game is displayed proudly, deep in the closet of my childhood bedroom.  For my most recent display of athletic prowess, I received the game ball, which is now perched on my mantle next to my Kevin Federline ticket stub.

If you had asked me back then what I would be as an adult, I would have said an NBA player or a doctor, with professional baseball a close third choice.  Fortunately, I was able to reach even greater heights as an athlete than my wildest adolescent imaginations could dream.