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I Saw The Sign

Today, January 13, 2011, was the day my world changed.  Or so I thought.  According to astrologers, due to changes in the Earth’s alignment, the dates of many zodiac signs have changed.  Under the new Zodiac calender, my sign changed from Virgo to Leo.

I panicked.  Everything I had come to know in my 27 years had been a lie.  I then googled my horoscope to see how the change would effect my life starting today.

Luckily, I found out that the new astrological calendar only applies to new births.  So a Virgo for life I will be.  But since this has put a scare into me, let’s compare horoscopes for both Virgo and Leo, the horoscope that could have been.

Today’s horoscope for Leo:

A friend or family member might act strangely and seem distracted. You may wonder if he or she is upset with you. This probably isn’t the case. This person has issues that need attention. Allow them some space. A romantic partner might have to break a date tonight. Spend the evening alone with a novel and look forward to the next get-together.

I’m grateful that the new calendar doesn’t effect me since today’s horoscope requires me to interact with family members and date, which are two things that I do rarely, if ever.  Also, I never read books, and I’m not sure if the horoscope would allow me to swap out reading a novel with browsing the February issue of Maxim that I read on the commode.

Today’s horoscope for Virgo, my original sign:

Too much reading might have you experiencing eyestrain and possibly headaches, Virgo. It might help to have your eyes checked, but it’s probably just too much stress. You might have some trouble focusing on whatever work you do today, but this is only a temporary condition. You should be back to your normal self tomorrow. Stay home tonight, listen to music, and take it easy.

So instead of dealing with whiny family members and broken social commitments as a Leo, I’m going to have stress, headaches, and trouble focusing.  At least I get to “take it easy,” which is the only thing I’m really good at.

These are both pretty depressing.  Maybe I’ll just start following Scorpio, for no reason other than I like the word Scorpio.