Archive | October 2007

Jail bait

On my morning walk to the gym, a lovely lady caught my eye as I rounded the corner of my apartment building. Usually, the only people I encounter at this hour are homeless guys asking for money, this was a welcome change of pace.

Pretty face, a nice rack, curvy body, and a sexy strut. My eyes focused on her as I slowed my pace to stay behind her at a distance where I could stare without looking like a creep. This girl rocked my world.

She walked ahead of me for a couple blocks, until she veered left into Hollywood High School just in time for home room.

Yes, I was (unknowingly) ogling a high school girl. I’m hoping she was a senior but you never know. I keep getting older but the hot high school girls never change.

Does anyone know where the high school girls hang out around here? Maybe I’ll bump into her again. Maybe she’s 18.