Archive | August 2007

Call me car-azy

I woke up today by a call from Jack asking me to drive his car to LAX so he didn’t have to park it.  Since I have nothing to do today, I agreed.  

The ride went well, no problems.  Until I’m 3/4ths of the way back to my apartment.  He called and said he forgot an envelope and asked for me to FedEx it.  I pulled into the nearest FedEx station and sent it off without a hitch.

When I returned to the car, a problem arose.  The key opened the door, but would not turn the ignition.  Thinking I inadvertently hit some lock or didn’t press a button, I called Jack, who was still waiting in line at the airport.

After a 10 minute conversation about various things i could’ve done, Jack was about to call the Nissan dealership when I glanced to my right and saw a side view mirror.  

Jack’s car doesn’t have a side view mirror on the right.

I was in the wrong Nissan.  Jack’s car was two cars away.  I got out of there as fast as possible.  So fast that I left a binder and my FedEx receipt in the car.  I frantically looked around to see if anyone noticed, and luckily no one did.  Then I checked the back door, which was unlocked, and retrieved my items.

We had a good laugh about it, and I opened the correct automobile and drove away, happy that I wasn’t caught and charged with attempted grand theft auto.