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My first celebrity sighting

After living in Los Angeles for more than a year, I have ran into a few celebrities, as well as numerous people who could loosely be considered famous. For some reason, I have an eye for picking these people out in a crowd. It’s a gift honed from too many hours spent in front of the television as a child, which evolved into an abnormal amount of computer time as a teenager and adult.

Unfortunately, my gift wasn’t always as dead on as it is now.

When I was a toddler whose primary public transportation was a stroller, I went to the mall with my mother.

She took me into a store to look at either spandex or dresses with large shoulder pads, no doubt, and a black child who was 6 or 7 years old came over and began to play with me. I giggled and responded as any 3 year old would.

Then I did something that embarasses my mother to this day.

As the kid continued to play with me, I turned to my mother, as excited as she’d ever seen me.

“Mommy, look! Webster! Webster!”

I had confused the random black child with 1980s television icon Emmanuel Lewis, the star of “Webster.” Worse off, I did it within earshot of the boy’s mother.

Mom’s face turned red and she apologized profusely. The mother, nor the child took offense. All the while 3-year-old Ryan Patrick had never been more excited.

Soon after, my mom put me on a leash during shopping trips. Whether or not it was related to my faux Webster sighting is a family secret that will never see the light of day.

The worst of it all is that 20 years later, I still regret not getting an autograph.

Edit: After reading this, my mother released the following statement:

“I put you on a leash because you used to hide under clothes racks and i couldn’t find you.”