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Yes, I really ate that

There are a lot of things I miss about living at home.  Family, friends, familiarity(the 3 F’s).  Another aspect of home life that I didn’t appreciate nearly enough is food (the 4th F.  The 5th F is Fuck You, but that’s another phrase for another blog). 

My entire life, aside from college, my mother cooked dinner almost every night.  On the rare night she didn’t, I’d have something easily made, like a pizza or mac ‘n cheese.

Now, they are a regular part of my diet.  Since I’ve had to depend on myself for meals, there’s nothing I miss more than home cooking. 

Never did I miss it more than when I purchased a Budget frozen dinner this week. 

It was cheap, it had meatloaf (which I’ve been meaning to cook for a long time), and as a sportsmen, I could not help but be intrigued by the promise of “Free Bowling!” on the cover.

The meal looked savory enough on the cover, but looks deceive.  After it was cooked, it came out like this:

The potatoes had the texture of apple sauce, and the meat loaf was only slightly more visually appealing than a steaming log of shit.

I was cautiously optimistic about the taste of this meal.  The only reason for hopefulness?  It had three days worth of sodium, and I love salt.

I dug in.

After a few bites, my demanor changed to a sickly distain. 

Was it edible?  Yes, if I was a vagrant who hadn’t eaten in days and needed sustanance.  Will I ever buy the Banquet frozen dinner again? No.

Looking on the bright side of things, eating this atrocious food made me realize how good I had it.  This Banquet experience was worth every penny. 

All 100 of them.


The night we met Patrick Duffy

Our run in with Hollywood Legend Patrick Duffy outside of Canter’s Deli.